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Apprentice: The Knight's Move

Due to the overwhelming amount of positive feedback we received after the release of the first Apprentice, we decided to continue the series, if only to explain that weird dream about Lord Ironcrow.

The second chapter in the Apprentice series begins where the original left off. As the story continues, the black horse of war looms over the land, with the ominous Lord Ironcrow at the reins. Because Pibís apprenticeship makes him vulnerable to the military draft, attaining wizardhood becomes imperative.

From ocean diving to winning at the races, this adventure explores the land of Willowbean that lies beyond the Wizardís hill. New characters range from the Book Wyrm, a dragon-like being with a taste for literature, to Seacookie, the puniest contender at the centaur races.

- Improved GUI, right-click action cycle
- Over twice as many playable locations as the original game
- Roughly 50 pages of in-game dialogue
- Over 25 minutes of in-game mp3 music
- Nearly 2000 frames of animation
- Yet another secret bonus puzzle
- HTML documentation

Screenshots/Concept Art
(click thumbnail for full picture)

centaur stable Navy Joe Apprentice 2 trailer


Download Apprentice II: The Knight's Move (43.4 megabytes)


"Apprentice II is an excellent sequel to an excellent first game, that builds in every way on its predecessor - it's wider in scope and scale, with more characters, locations and puzzles." - Berian Williams,
"...if you played the first part of the series, you know that you can expect top quality independent gaming: a very deep story, great character development, the best graphics the low-resolution AGS setting has to offer and a very unique sense of humor." - Jozef Purdes, DIY Games
"With a good fantasy plot, a fun cast of characters, fun puzzles, and outstanding graphics, Apprentice II is definitely well worth your time." - Home of the Underdogs
"Fantastic job! I'm enjoying this game very, very much." - Erwin Broekhuis,
"I. Love you. So damn much." - Highwaygal
"Great game but now i am stuck" - crazyman
"This really feels like a Lucas adventure." - SteveMcCrea
"Everything from music to animation and background art is first rate..." - Foz
"The graphics and animations were suberb and I loved the music." - Ginny
"Another great game - and a lot longer than the original!" - GarageGothic

Additional Awards:

The Inventory - Runner up for Best Indie Adventure Award
The Crow's Nest - Won all 5 awards
Adventure Gamer - Best Music (Runner up for Best Graphics)

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