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News Archive:
May - August 2006

August 18, 2006 - A Freelance Project

Posted by: Ian

I debated calling this entry "Dinaro in My Sombrero", but since I view myself as a person characterized by solemn platitude, I opted for the current title. In fact, if levity were a ladder, "A Freelance Project" would rest on the lower rungs, while the alternative title would play on the part labeled "not a step".

Since my move to New York City, I've met with Dave Gilbert on several occasions. Who is this Mr. Gilbert, you ask. Oh, I'll tell you. But first, put an electric hand drill against your temple and pull the trigger, Pi-style, because you can't call that living if you haven't played any of Dave's games. He is the enigmatic soul behind such masterpieces as "Repossessor", "The Postman Only Dies Once", "Purity of the Surf", "A Better Mousetrap", "Bestowers of Eternity", "Two of a Kind", and "The Shivah". Actually, the time you're spending reading this post could be better spent buying his latest game.

Recently, Dave has decided to update his "Bestowers of Eternity" story, and turn it into an episodic series of games. Guess who he hired as the sprite artist and animator. That's right, Chuck Jones! Actually, he had to settle for yours truly.

This comes at a good time for HEP, since Gregor is cranking out script like counterfeit twenties and I am still writing puzzles for Apprentice 3. Speaking of which, I have outlined all five chapters, and have planned out almost three of the them.

Also, the forums are growing slowly but surely, so keep posting, guys!

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July 15, 2006 - Mystery of The Missing Emails

Posted by: Greg


It has come to my attention that some emails sent automatically by the Herculean Effort Forums bounced. In other words, I receive emails back notifying me that these automatic emails were sent, but failed after several tries. You might have noticed that all newly registered members at the forums are confirmed by the administrator. If you don't receive an email after being confirmed, it's probably because the email bounced. However, I check the forums at least once a day, so you can count on having your account confirmed by the next day.

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July 11, 2006 - Apprentice III Plans

Posted by: Ian

In addition to posting on the Game Creation Help section of our boards, I've found time to outline the overarching story of Apprentice III. Every once in a while, I scroll over the burgeoning design document, like a proud father effervescently admiring his offspring.

The pre-production stage excites me the most. At this point, the project exudes unlimited potential. Seriously, this could turn out to be the best game ever. At least until I start writing the actual dialogue and drawing the in-game art. With every word and pixel I commit, its potential dwindles down into something humbler, but certainly more manageable.

For a few details about the progress, visit the Apprentice 3 section. Like I said, it's a beginning.

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June 25, 2006 - Comments fixed

Posted by: Greg

A few of the last news posts had non-functioning comment pages. This has been fixed, as well as some updates to the PHP to insure that this won't happen again. It is now safe to post comments!

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June 25, 2006 - More Games to Watch

Posted by: Ian

Some of you from are already familiar with Kaptain Brawe, which is currently in production. On the site you can check out screenshots and a playable demo. There's even a tutorial regarding the creation of the background scenes.
While I'm on the topic of promising games in production, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention Nearly Departed, a zombie adventure by the webcomic artist, John Green. He has also released a playable demo. John's other work includes Teen Boat and Quicken Forbidden.
Looks like I just booked the rest of your day.

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June 14, 2006 - Some Sort of Tutorial

Posted by: Ian

Those of you with particularly lengthy memories may remember me mentioning the Wiki to a non-HEP, open-source project. You may also notice that, unlike our previous website, the tutorials section on the left is empty! I understand this is a big shock, and I recommend breathing into a paper bag until you feel calm again. Eventually, that section will be bursting at the seams like a wineskin of goat's milk in a toaster oven. Until then, you can check out a little sprite tutorial I wrote for the Sphinx project. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to drop us a post in the forums. I should really go clean out the inside of that toaster oven.

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June 8, 2006 - A Recent Diversion

Posted by: Ian

In late 2005, I volunteered to help an AGS community game project. Several developers worked tirelessly and intermittently on it for months before a near admission of failure. Fortunately, through one man’s resolve, the project, codenamed “Sphinx”, lives on in a Wiki.

As much as I want to say it was my doing, or my steely will that sparked the deed, the credit belongs entirely to Snarky, whose name alone evokes wonder and respect from any AGS forum-goer. In fact, I’m sure his sphere of influence extends far beyond the internet community. Perhaps the memory of his unfaltering determination fuels NASA researchers on those late, caffeine-soaked Thursday nights. Just one more research, they say to themselves, then I’ll go to bed. Meanwhile in some distant building, Snarky cracks a smile, knowing that sleep is the opiate of the masses.

Inspired by his work ethic, I posted a style guide for Sphinx. You can view it here. The project is open to anyone who has a thirst for development and a heart full of adventure games. I would write more, but I have one more research to do tonight.

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May 14, 2006 - Portuguese Translation

Posted by: Greg

Thanks to the hard work of Jerônimo Menezes, a Portuguese translation is now available for Apprentice 1. The translation has been included with the Apprentice 1 Deluxe download. Enjoy!

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May 10, 2006 - Re-Launch

Posted by: Ian

They say 2006 is the new 2000. If you thought the century already turned, then you are behind the times. By “behind”, I mean “ahead of”, since here at Herculean Effort, retro never grows old. Or does it always stay old?

We can agree that times are changing. Although I’d like to unearth that wicker rocker from the garage and watch from my front porch (perhaps accompanied by a mint julep and a Walker Percy novel), I’m diving headfirst into the trenches of tomorrow. Considering the retro thing, perhaps “trenches of today” would be more appropriate.

To celebrate this decision (and the first update in months), we’ve launched a brand new look for the site, thanks to the creative touch of Jeremy Page from Twindesign.

Now lift your eyes to the address bar on your browser. Notice anything missing? After nearly three years under AdventureDeveloper’s velvet umbrella of web hosting, we’ve built our own shelter. The focus group results pointed to the shorter URL as being highly visible, easier to remember, and more arousing. You see, in technology, small and sexy converge.

In addition to the visual and address upgrades, the site provides an important new feature. Yesteryear, when you read a news post here that piqued your typing fingers, you had to log in to the Herculean Effort forums and start a thread. Now, you can simply add a comment beneath the appropriate post. Keep the goofery on a leash, since we still wield ultimate administrative power.

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