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AykutHeard you music once in March at 5 am at a creperie in Athens.It was on the radio and we didn't catch your nameSince then my hnsubad and I have been asking EVERYONE we know living in Grecce whether they recognize your sound that we managed to kind of record on our phones..But alas, whilst feeding my 19 old son FAKES(!), he needed some encouragement and I switched on the telly and there was this dodgy looking band on some afternoon programme on god knows what channel.The band started to play music and both me and my son were jived and boogied in the kitchen at our exohiko in Limnos!Now there is only one thing left to do is buy your CD before I head back home to the Uk.PS my hnsubad will be very happy that I managed to discover you!Keep doing what you doing!Well doneJohn GreenYep, I know Matt, went to school together. He made a post in his blog saying "someone brought in this adventure game they made where you play a rabbi" and I was like "You know Dave Gilbert?" Small world indeed. Dave GilbertJohn: You know Matthew Hawkins? This is the week of random connections. I recently met a co-worker of Big Brother through a mutual friend. What a small world. Sergio: The first episode will have MUCH more in it than the original freeware game. In fact, forget the freeware game ever existed. I'm embarressed by it now. Mordalles: I dunno. Ask him. :) Anyway, I am really psyched about this whole thing. See you all December 16th!John GreenNew York City is the place to be. I recently found out Dave Gilbert was in a game design class a friend of mine teaches. I'd love to meet you guys, if I had the time to get away from working on my own game and go outside for awhile. SergioChances of buying Bestowers of Eternity: 90% Do you know how much will be in thins first episode? More than was in that original demo, I hope.mordallesi wonder what progz thinks of this. hehe. congrats big brother!

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