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GhostHm, I didn't feel they listed the low res under the cons- the actually mentioned it as part of being retro, didn't they? What made me think was their calling the characters not being fleshed out. I mean, okay, I got the demo, but even there small details about the chars just oozed all over the place. Still, it is an overall positive article, so I don't think there can be any complain. Since I didn't say so in the first comment, a heartfelt Good On Yer, Herculeans!IanI was surprised the reviewer was able to beat the game as fast as she said she did!GregThe only wacky thing about the review is that under the pros, they talk about its retro goodness, but then under the cons they say the low resolution. Doesn't make too much sense to me. :)GhostI can only judge from the demo, but the review seems fair and is positive enough to make me think about a future purchase...

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