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Dave GilbertMoney doesn't hurt, though! As I am quickly discovering. :(claus kastrupGood for you..... happines is more importen than money, not many people seem to get this anymore...JawsCongrats man. Make the best of it, don't get lazy... I know how easy it is.SergioI'm disgusted with both of you.Dave GilbertWhat? You've been seeing other projects behind my back? You two-timer! I thought it was just us. *sniff* I'm going to lock myself in the bathroom with a bucket of icecream now.big brotherIt's not just Dave's project for me. I'm a multitasker. I wish I could separate myself from the salary thing, but this is more like a break than anything. I'll head back to the daily grind in a month or so. :( Since I'm possibly moving into Manhattan, I'll need the regular paycheck for a while...mordalleswihsing you the best, Ian! No money, no problems. or is it the other way round?SergioSo, Bestowers of Eternity is your full-time (paid) work now... are the backgrounds good?buloghtGood luck, I can't see how you won't be a success, it'd be unnatural I say.Kaptain BraweHey, Ian, you be sure to mention how is it going without the "big daddy" company. Must say I feel a little jelous, but, hey..."when I grow up, that'll be the day, when everybody has to do what I say!" Best of Luck!John GreenCongrats on joining the self-employed!ChaoWishing you all the best in pursuing your passion, Ian! Looking forward to play all your future great games! Cheers,

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