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MarielaThere are a lot of reasons that we slhuod not reelect Cresitello, his arrogance being the greatest reason.. The fact than he wanted a raise and we did not want him to have one is the greatest reason and his continued effort to work for that raises is another big reason and the fact that he did not give up the pursuit is another reason. Don has to go or we will have no say as to what the town needs.tadd GregYeah, it'll get more sophisticated in the future, but this is just temporary, and even so it appears to be working...DaVinceHeh, nice verification system.GregThis is a test to see if the new image verification works.GregIn case anyone wonders why the comment count doesn't match the actual number of comments on the page, that's because I'm deleting spam. I guess I need to put in an image verification system or something...CheloVAMOS QUE QUEDA POCO!

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