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ChaoYay! That's a great news! Can't wait to play the game. Good luck, Greg!John GreenThe Mac AGS player works on some games, but it's pretty unstable. I wasn't able to play Apprentice with the voices. For some reason the voices kept crashing the game. Also, I kept getting stuck in Apprentice 1 (it wouldn't let me go back to certain screens.) Apprentice 2 worked great up until the end (the end of the game would crash, so while I completed it I didn't get to see how it actually ended. Someone eventually sent me screencaps, though.) I know the current AGS editor has new functions that the Mac player doesn't like, so new games won't work on Mac. And old games have problems, too, most specifically whenever a color depth change is made (Mac only likes 32bit.) Still, for the most part it's better than nothing, and most AGS games run OK in VirtualPC (VPC is just so incredibly slow.) At some point I'll have to get a new desktop Mac and by then the whole "Windows on Mac" thing will be all ironed out and this won't be as much of a problem. GregApparently there's already a way to play AGS games on a Mac: supposedly Apprentice Deluxe works on Macs... IanI wonder what it'd take to make a Mac port anyways. Does anyone know how to withdraw a missing persons report? JK, Greg.Greg"Woah! It's Greg. He posts!" Lol! I'm just not as creative a writer as Ian is, which is partly why I don't post on the news page much.buloghtGoodluck with the last haul!John GreenSo the Mac version is coming along well? ;p Dave GWoah! It's Greg. He posts! Greetings, little brother.Ghostcan already feel that tingle of anticipation ;) I recently finished Apprentice 2, and hell, I'm hungry for more.DaVinceL-Light at the end of the tunnel VISIBLE?! That's great dudes! You just made my day, er I mean night! I'm also probably the first to see this news post. :P

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