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GregIf none of the PayPal options work (you are not required to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal), you can always use the money/check order option, as long as it's in USD. (though PayPal does support an eCheck option also)DaVinceAww, credit card / Paypal only? And I wanted to buy this... :(WormsieAwww! Kitten! Must buy :)OFor that sort of money, I expect it to be signed... Preferably using some sort of body fluid instead of ink. Any will do: blood, spit, interstitial fluid, vitreous humour, bile... some even less creative ones come to mind, too, but with less than two hours 'til Christmas, I'm on my best behaviour and am reluctant to mention those. Happy New Year, btw! The year of Apprentice 3, we all hope and trust.Greg:)TorusI don't know ... $8.95 is a lot of money. If I get the game, I'll need to start saving up.DiscoI fully understand, and agree you should get something back, I just thought I saw it advertised as free elsewhere and was shocked to find a price tag (not that I'm cheap or anything :P) Now that I've checked I can't come up with any explicit declaration either way. I'll give it a whirl sometime :DGregWe always kept the game pretty secret, anyway. I just feel that with so much work, it's good to get something back, especially when I have to pay for hosting out of my own pocket, and we'll pay the voice actors for Apprentice 3, etc. Keep in mind that when a purchase of this game is made, it's not financing a large corperation, it's funding a small Independent game team, and the money that we earn is put back into making games.DiscoAgreed. I appreciate the effort that was put into this game over a year and a half, but I've been following this game closely and always understood that it was to be freeware. I may have missed the news. When was the announcement made that it was a commercial title? From where I'm standing it looks like it was announced on the release date :/.SergioWhat? Buy? But... but I was saving my money for Blackwell Legacy. Well. I'll find some way...Is it really finished?Just in time for Christmas!

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