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BrianMapping is such a powerful tool but so undrlvaeued. It seems like so many people see mapping as too elementary and almost a waste of time. Mark, I like what you say about the shared understanding. Even with doing a gemba walk, the interpretation of what each team member sees may be different. Mapping requires that the different interpretation need to be worked through so that there is a common understanding. Once something is in writing, it is so much easier to see where what you thought you saw and what was actually happening could be different.Thanks for the post.GustafI've been wndering if there will ever be a third istallment in the Apprentice series. As the last comment is from 2007 I suppose this is not the right forum to ask such a question?BillyHow is the new Apprentice coming along?GregHeh, sorry, no updates for quite some time. I need to make an announcement on this front page about the new translations for Apprentice 1. At least that's something...DonnIs this site still maintained or has it gone the way of the dodo?

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